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Prog Rants

General musing and blabbering about progressive rock goes here. Some of these are gems and some of these should have never seen the light of day. I’m sorry/you’re welcome.

12/06/2011: Progressive Rock Used To Be So Cool, Until It Did All That Progressing

10/20/2010: Someone, Please, Help Me Like Genesis!

07/23/2010: Neglected Proggers (Or: Who Are You? Oh, You’re in the Band?)

04/07/2010: Progressive Rock Stereotypes Part 2: Continued Cliff Notes of Hate-o-rade

02/18/2010: Is Prog Becoming Popular? Is that Even Allowed?

01/05/2010: RIP Dr. Zoltan Øbelisk, He Was the Only One Who Truly Knew Me (with a slight tangent on progressive rock in general)

12/04/2009: Prog Gift Ideas

11/19/2009: Will It Prog? Vol. I

10/22/2009: Invasion of the prog-lodytes: Examples of how progressive rock is sneaking into new genres of music

09/29/2009: Progressive Rock Stereotypes Part 1: If you don’t learn anything about prog from this blog, and least you can learn what to hate

09/24/2009: A Quick History of Why Progressive Rock is Better than Your Music


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