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They’re here!

Even though I’ve been listening to both albums for awhile now, having the new these babies in┬ámy hands feels good!

Kudos to Anthony Clarkson, Brian Kibbons, and Travis Smith on the art.

In the age of electronic music, sometimes it’s just nice to have a new, physical album to enjoy. Or two!


Video: Adrian Belew Power Trio @ Williamsburg Waterfront

Apparently I’m still alive. Unfortunately, other priorities have arisen over the past few months that have kept me from writing about the various prog topic bouncing in around in my head.

As a sincere sign that I plan on once again spewing prog-based ramblings into the void, please enjoy this crappy video I took of Adrian Belew Power Trio at a recent concert at the Williamsburg Waterfront in Brooklyn. No hipsters were harmed in the making of this video.

[adultswim] loves progressive rock

Ok, so that’s probably not totally accurate, but last night on The Venture Brothers (possibly the only [adultswim] show with a plot) a lot of fans got their first taste of progressive rock. Considering that this is one of my favorite shows on tv, I can’t describe how happy this segment made me. The prog-gy goodness actually continued later in the show, but here’s a quick video clip of the awesomeness.