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My Apologies to Devin Townsend

So I saw Devin Townsend at the Gramercy Theater last week. It was, in a word, sextacular.

In an attempt to share the sextacular spectacle that was the show,  I busted out my new smartphone to take some videos of the VIP pre-show as well as the concert itself. Unfortunately I’m absolutely terrible at taking videos, and the phone, while a life-changing device compared to my last phone, was not designed to be a high-end multimedia recording device. Thus the resulting products are pretty lack luster.

Against my better judgment I’m posting the videos anyway. Devin, if for some reason you read this, I’m sorry for making you look and sound so awful, the show was amazing. Sometimes the video is ugly, sometimes the audio is painful, and often both the audio and video are a train wreck.

People should definitely follow the related links youtube provides to see some far more impressive videos of my current prog super hero. Here, I’ll help you get a start with one of my favorite videos featuring Devin (it gets especially good around 3:15). Enjoy.


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